Course Directory

The PCDC was launched in April 2014 as an independent, not for profit training and development resource for general practice staff working in NHS Primary Care in Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire.

Course NameAvailable To
Asthma & COPD: UpdateNurses
Being an Effective ManagerManagers
Blood Test Results - UnderstandingAdmin Staff, Receptionists
Caldicott GuardianPractice Manager, Senior Partners
Chaperone TrainingHCAs
Chaperone TrainingAdmin Staff, Receptionists
Clinical Coding v3 - SystmOneAdmin Staff, Receptionists
Clinical Supervision & Mentorship for Team LeadersNurse Managers, GPs, Nurses
Complaint Management & WhistleblowingNurse Managers, GPs, Nurses
Contraception Update - LARC & Emergency ContraceptionGPs, Nurses
CPD & Performance ManagementPractice Manager, Line Managers, Business Managers, GP Partners
CPRPractice Manager, GPs, Nurses, HCAs, Admin Staff, Receptionists
CPRAdmin Staff, Receptionists
Developing Team CultureNurse Managers, GPs, Nurses
Diabetes ManagementBand 5 Nurses, Band 6 Nurses
Diabetic Feet Training for HCASHCAs
Ear Irrigation Introduction (HCA) - Rotherham AccreditedHCAs
Ear Irrigation Introduction (Nurse) - Rotherham AccreditedNurses
Ear Irrigation UpdateNurses
ECG - Initiation & Update of RecordingNurses, HCAs
Emergency First Aid at Work Level 3 (Including Certification)Practice Manager, GPs, Nurses, Admin Staff, Receptionists
Emergency First Aid at Work Level 3 (including Certification)Admin Staff, Receptionists
Frailty ToolkitNurses
General Data Protection Regulation WorkshopNurse Managers, GPs, Nurses
HCA Induction (Care Certificate)HCAs
Identification & Mangement of Common Conditions in Primary CareNurses
Immunisations & Vaccinations Introduction - 2 daysGPs, Nurses
Immunisations & Vaccinations- UpdateGPs, Nurses
Influenza Immunisation. Pneumococcal, B12 and Shingles UpdateHCAs
Injection Technique & Immunisation TrainingHCAs
Introduction to Line ManagementNew Line Managers, Potential Line Managers
Introduction to Travel Health (Two-Day Course) – Online
Manager's Guide to Investigations, Conduct & PerformanceNurse Managers, GPs, Nurses
Managing Conflict with PatientsNurse Managers, GPs, Nurses
Managing Conflict with StaffLine Managers
Medical TerminologyAdmin Staff, Receptionists
Mental Capacity Act & DoLSGPs, Nurses
Receptionist Telephone Triage (Non-Clinical)Admin Staff, Receptionists
Receptionist TrainingAdmin Staff, Receptionists
Receptionist Training - Customer CareAdmin Staff, Receptionists
Safeguarding Level 3: Children & Young PeopleGPs, Nurses
Sickness Absence Management - AdvancedPractice Manager, Line Managers, Business Managers
Sickness Absence Management - IntroductionPractice Manager, Line Managers, Business Managers
Spirometry Performing Tests (HCA) - RCGP AcreditedHCAs
Spirometry Update Inc. InterpretationNurses
Travel Health Update - OnlineGPs, Nurses
Understanding Employment Contracts and How to Change ThemNurse Managers, GPs, Nurses
Venepuncture: Adult Refresher & Taking Blood from Children (2yrs +)GPs, Nurses
Venepuncture: InitiationNurses, HCAs, Admin Staff
Venepuncture: InitiationHCAs
Venepuncture: Initiation & Refresher for Taking Blood from Adults and Children (2yrs +)HCAs, Receptionists
Venepuncture: InititiationAdmin Staff, Receptionists
Vitamin B12 Injection TrainingHCAs
Working with Staff Beyond Retirment AgeNurse Managers, GPs, Nurses
Wound Care, Tiisue Viability and Suture Removal - IntroductionHCAs
Wound Care, Tissue Viability & Infection Control - Part 1Nurses
Wound Care, Tissue Viability & Infection Control - Part 2Nurses
Wound Care, tissue Viability & Infection Control - Part 3Nurses