DS&P Toolkit Service

Unfortunately, due to the team being at capacity and the deadline for the DS&P Toolkit submission (30th June 2021) fast approaching, we are unable to accept any new sign-ups that require their toolkit completing before this deadline.

If you are already signed up to the DPO Service, please feel free to use the helpdesk facility (0115 838 6770 or email info@pcdc.org.uk) to seek advice on your Toolkit submission should you require.

If you would like to sign-up to the service for your 2021/22 DS&P Toolkit submission, then please use the enquiry boxes at the bottom of this page.


PCDC are proud to be able to offer a DS&P Toolkit support service.

With the ever-growing demands on organisations, we have designed a service that relieves the pressures of the annual DS&P Toolkit submission.

Please note that this service is ONLY available to organisations that are signed up to our DPO Service.

This service will include:

  • PCDC to upload all evidence required by the organisation in order to submit the DS&P Toolkit (please note PCDC are unable to complete any evidence required by third parties such as your IT Provider or CCG)
  • Digital link to personalised documents and policies created during DS&P Toolkit submission for future use of the organisation


What we require from the organisation:

  • DS&P Toolkit administrative access
  • Evidence from third parties to be uploaded by the organisation themselves
  • In order to show compliance the organisation must review the evidence uploaded by PCDC and select submit.
  • Any other organisational information we require will be requested via email.


The cost for this service is dependant on your organisation type.

The cost for a GP Practice is £400 + VAT per submission.


We are able to complete the DS&P for other / larger organisations, if you would like a quote then please email us at info@pcdc.org.uk or call our office on 0115 838 6770.

If you decide to sign up to this service, an invoice will be sent to you for payment and a contract will also be sent for you to complete and return to us. To start this process, please complete the form below.